Bart Reeves

Bart Reeves


Branded with the G-Clef in his Heart, Bart Reeves chose his role for a life in music by the age of 10. After cutting and pasting some vintage audiotape, at the age of 14 he was discovered by a local Radio station to be the youngest National Radio host at his time at the age of 17 (Radio Contact). It was through the audiotapes that he learned the skills of true dj’ing and the will to continuously keep the party to a higher level. He released in the 90’s his most famous track ‘Wanna Play House’, one of the European highlights of the 90’s Eurodance. For the Bonzai label, Bart Reeves created Things to Come (the Club Tropicana Anthem) and The Message, a huge hit in Germany which was signed the most famous label Kontor Records. Through all these years, Bart raised a huge amount of fans with some great Residencies like Tropicana, DanceHall Webside, Revolution and guest performances at Zillion, Carrè, Kinki Palace Germany, Club Asta The Hague, etc….


Bart Reeves is a true Dj Pioneer and an all-rounder, as he never backs down for any kind of dj set. Therefore he can add to his status some all-round Clubs across the nation, playing a wider selection of genres (Commercial dance / Rock / Hip Hop / etc…) In 2014, with the celebration of 20 years career, Bart Reeves relaunches his radio skills and releases a brand new 2k14 version of “The Message”.

Even now, Bart is heard on over more than 30 different radio stations across Western-Europe with shows like The 80’s Club and From The Heart, with the best quality Deeper tracks. Bart Reeves stands for the name “Party”. He is a true Hall of famer, and with his message ‘From The Heart’ he plays his music from his heart and onto the dancefloor to take you to that higher level.”