Jochen Robberecht aka Dj Jochen was resident dj at La bush from 2003 till 2005.

Passionate musical performer since 1995 during highseason of trance and early progressive , born and raised in Ghent , once genuine cradle of Belgian electronic music.
Inspired by some some Belgian artist and dj’s he succeeded in creating his own unique mix style with a musical preference which still seems to be very much appreciated.
He was cofounder of the popular underground concept “Medusa concept” build on a earlier concept called “Belfunk” which had a direct link towards the progressive scene and La Bush.
This non stop residency went on for consecutive 10 years. Many described it as a concept among friends with a strong family sphere.

Guided by the obsession of electronic music and its technical craftmanship ,he designed himself a cosy compact studio and learned some basic skills to ‘produce’.
This led to some creative edits, cd and trailer mixing.
The ambition to release own beats was aknowledged in 2014 with the release of a 3 track ep (“Jochen Robberecht & beaugarde “La beauté du Dégout”) on italian based Night & Day Ibiza Music.
All tracks are striking in terms of sounds and percussion.

He did regular guest appearances at festivals and clubs: Extreme , Cockorico , Pulse Factory , Cream , Cirao , at the villa to name a few .
Resident at , Montini Deinze , Crazy Sunday ,H20 , Medusa , Belfunk, Club Fantastic ,and last but not least the temple of house , La Bush .
During that amazing time at la bush he recorded all sets which have been released since last year on regular base on mixcloud with a link on facebookgroup: La Bush Room I memories (2003 – 2005).

Since electronic music is a high speed evolving media his sets can be described these days as a mixture of techno and tech house , combined in a well defined rhythm balance.
The key for a succes full set is after all to differentiate from others in musical preference, without losing the eye on the crowd. They are after all the over watching jury.