“It all started in the 70 ‘s. A dj named “Elie Prince” was known from the Ardennes to the coast. He went along with the Belgian top. He had two sons, Peter’1976 and Sven’1981. The music was in the genes. Peter began to DJ around the 90’s.

Immediately a new era for the music … House was born! Sven was always listen when big brother was practicing.

One day he asked if he could try, all went smoothly directly. Everyone In the circle of friends had a nickname, they said against Sven ‘SEMMER’ so the dj name was soon found.

On his 15th he bought him his own first turntables and played all kinds of parties, won a number of dj contests and quietly built further to his career. After a series of residenties in East-Flanders and on the coast, he found the time to break through in Belgium…..”