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His mileu perceives Andry Nalin as the creative workaholic, in business and for his DJ-colleagues he ist he impersonation of the determined artist, and to the worlwide community of his fans he is a living legend with a tremendous output. To think that these features are irreconcilable is the first step to getting closer to the phenomenon called Nalin. His national and international success of more than ten years is best understood by tracing the road he took from his birthplace Düsseldorf to his ranking among the international DJ-elite. It was a road away from the usual career, a new way that opened doors for other DJ´s and at the same time set new standards.

Since 1993, Andry Nalin has newly defined the art of DJing, the sounds of club hits and the buisness as such, giving it a very personal and inimitable quality:
It´s The Nalin Way.


When, in 1996, Nalin & Kane were composing their worldwide hit „Beachball“, Andry had, together with his then partner Kane, already published several succesful 12inches under the pseudonyms Nalin Inc. and Yellow Cab.
His name was synonymous with a fresh approach in the field of housemusic. The Andry Nalin style became a genuine trademark that had a vital impact on the then booming european housemusiscene. Andry´s gigs as a DJ have since the mid-ninetees lead him into all the international top class clubs such as „Space“ on Ibiza, „Twilo“ in New York or „Pacha“ in Buenos Aires, as well as to the major regulars and festivals as e.g. „Renaissance“ or „Mayday“. Whether in Asia, North and South America, Australia or Europe – the Nalin Sound is on all continents at least as much in demand as on his home base in North Rhine Westphalia which, more precisely, is the „Tribehouse“ in Neuss.

This club – his traditional residence – which was chosen „Best Club in Germany“ under the auspices of the German Dance Awards, has been under the uniquely formative influence of Andry since 1995 and he thereby contributed to the tremendous succes of the club. Meanwhile, he had also established the trend setting record label Superfly Records which helped to launch the careers of today´s DJ heavyweights like Moguai, Phil Fuldner or Oliver Moldan, to mention just a few.

But after „Beachball“, which from 1997 sold over half a million singles worldwide, nothing was like before. The famous English Mixmag wrote: „German House has never sounded so sophisticated and sensual“. Kylie Minogue, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Sven Väth, Steve Lawler, Jam & Spoon and numerous others knocked at the studio door asking for remixes. Nalin´s golden hand turned Da Hool´s „Meet her at the Loveparade“ into a superhit and made it the hymn of an entire housegeneration.

After having released „Beachball“, he was hugely successful with solo production,
the projects Nalin & Kane, Nalin Inc. and, from 2003 with Bush II Bush. 

This alliance with his old friend, the DJ and producer Gregor Wagner, is Andry´s latest and probably most exciting project in recent years: The first two Bush II Bush singles have been frenetically acclaimed by audiences and DJ´s and have reached top positions on all major dance charts.

For the time beeing, however, Bush II Bush´s masterpiece is the recent single „Piano Track“. Released under the legendary New York based SAW record label, a sublabel of the Def-Mix-Group, as well as the English CR2 label, it literally hit home with both audiences and DJs: Pete Tong chose „Piano Track“ as the „Essential Tune“ twice. The title shot to top positions on all pertinent charts and DJ-playlists. And the influential British „DJ-Mag“ felt the need to proclaim Bush II Bush the founder of a piano house revival.

The summer of 2005 on Ibiza would have been unthinkable without this remarkable track.

On top of present-day remixes for artists like Red Carpet (Subliminal Records) or
Ferry Corsten (Positiva Records) Bush II Bush have just now completed their new 12“ single „Jungle Love“. It is due to be released – also by SAW Recordings – in
June 2006.


Today, Andry Nalin is one of the most important protagonists of the international Underground House Sounds, both as a soloist as well as with his Bush II Bush project. This particular sound pulsates between Techno, Electro and House; it intergrates the very best of these styles and effortlessly glides across the somewhat narrow bounds in this country.

Andry Nalin´s DJ sets provide 100% guarantee for a euphoric night at the club.
But this reliability does not rule out elements of surprise.
Andry´s range extends from hypnotic grooves to ecstatic breaks and uncompromisingly rocking resolutions; he tells genuine stories as only a true virtuoso can do. Andry Nalin´s sound combines the best of both worlds between Techno and House – born in Düsseldorf, grown in Europe and perfected throughout the World, this unique style ist he code to getting night owls totally enthralled.

To get captured by this feeling, in the strobo storm between artificial smoke and longdrinks, sailing on a cloud of bass lines, chords and hi-hats, and driven by the DJ´s feeling fort he magic of the moment, ist he best key to understanding the phenomenon called Andry Nalin.

Dress up and go out tonight !

(Jan Wilms, December, 2006)