You can for sure say that he’s one of the pioneers and made the foundation for the Belgium electronic scene. He started back in 1988 with a residency for the famous club ‘At the villa’. Soon followed with a residency again for the infamous ‘Boccaccio’ club on Sundays and Mondays. He played and plays at every major club, party or festival in Belgium and had another residency at the German after club ‘Le petit prince’. He also set the trend for the legendary Mondays at club ‘extreme’ that kept going till the years 2000+ and is still a successful party concept up to today. He’s known for his excellent mixing skills and storytelling sets that goes from melodic techno or techno to progressive music. He stands for pure craftsmanship, experience and knows as no other how to rock a crowd!

Production wise, as he was there from day one. He sets the trend back in the days with collaborations for projects like ‘Honey C’, ‘UNA’, ‘Innertales’, ‘Quadran’, ‘Oudja’, ‘PhiPhi & Greg D.’ etc… Who all became European club hits with some of them even charted and earned European national radio airplay. After all this, he joined the infamous ‘Bonzai progressive’ label where he was in fact one of the main reasons they started up this label with the ‘Bonzai’ crew. A few other tracks were released on Suffused, Ifonika, etc.. For now he has got several new projects in the pipeline and has his weekly podcast program ‘Mouvement Perpetuel’ that will become a monthly club concept in 2019!

You can expect nothing but quality skills and knowledge once this Belgium/France iconic deejay is behind the turntables. He’s also in to provide ‘classic’ sets or ‘all night’ sets with a mixture from what electronic music is all about up to today!<