The MacKenzie homebase was and is the Walloon discotheque Heaven. Stephane Akenan and Patrick Fasseau dj’ed there and produced their first single I am free in 1995 as The MacKenzie.More singles followed soon: Arpegia, Love and You got to get up. These songs are relatively unknown, mostly because of bad marketing by the record company.Back in these early days Jessy De Smet sang on some of these songs.In 1998 they switched to the Antler-Subway record company and that was the beginning of a successful breakthrough.The groups name changed to The MacKenzie feat.

Jessy and they had their first big hit with Innocence which came out in June 1998. It climbed to number 5 and stayed 24 weeks in thecharts.Three months later Falling in Love was released, another hit-single which reached number 4. These singles both won gold because they sold more then 25000 copies.1998 was finished in dance-beauty with their third single Alive.In 1999 the group again released three singles: Out of control, The Rain and Emotions which were smaller hits then the ones from 1998.They also produced a full album Angel (Millenium edition) which reached the number 1 spot in the album chart which is quite astonishing for a dance album.2000 also gave birth to 3 singles (anyone noticing a pattern?): Be my lover, For you and All I need.

The last one did pretty good in the charts (March 2001) and is the most successful of the 3.Walk away was the last single of Mackenzie feat. Jessy. (released in 2001). Jessy decided to take a break until the summer of 2002. She’s now back with her solo project Jessy.The Mackenzie producers searched for another singer and in 2002 the Mackenzie feat. Jessy changed into the Mackenzie